• As a spin instructor I am always looking for another workout that will compliment riding.  I wanted a core/upper body workout but boxing always intimidating me a bit.  I am now obsessed and addicted.  It works my core, upper body and is crazy cardio.  It is fun the way you need to find the rhythm and dance in the movements with your legs and hips.  The time absolutely flies and before I know it we are finishing with core exercises.  Matt is beyond amazing, sweet, patient, funny and relatable.  So happy I stepped outside my comfort zone! - Lauren Kaplan
  • He might look intimidating but Matt is a gentle giant who’s workout will raise your heart to burn tons of calories. The adrenaline will raise your vibration making you feel amazing and positive for the rest of the day. Every session with Matt is different and fun and the combinations he teaches are easy to follow while still being a very challenging workout. Matt is patient, always on time, shows up with a smile and by the time you are done the workout you always feel like you have had your butt kicked! -Sarah Sheiner
  • Matt is an amazing boxing coach! He really knows what he is doing! I didn't know what to expect as I have never boxed before but Matt made it fun and challenging. I recommend Matt 100%!!! - Jen Radowitz
  • I started training with Matt a year ago and it didn’t take long before I realized that boxing is the. best. workout. period. I was hooked! I got into learning the technique and the more I learned the more I realized that Matt was truly a sensational teacher. Boxing is a full body and mind workout. You get the best cardio, it develops your reflexes and it sharpens your mind. I always feel super powerful when I’m done training… the rush of adrenaline and high from serotonin lasts for days! There’s nothing like it!! - Julie Etienne
  • Boxing is the best with Matt!  He taught me all the fundamentals of boxing and has a heart as big as himself . Boxing works for my mind, body and soul. I have also learned techniques which make the sessions more interesting. I have toned up and I’m walking taller! Matt is patient, friendly and a hard task-master! I’d recommend him to everyone, young and old.I found my new addiction. -Christina Louiso

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